I hate to be late…

…but this week’s Cool Jerk will arrive clandestinely sometime this weekend. I spent the better part of today hammering out the minutia of Chickadoowa (Cool Jerk Vol. 2) with the printers. You might be wondering, “Hey! I thought Chickadoowa was at the printers in China for the past month!” Well, that fell through because China didn’t kick down a proper printer’s proof (aka “blue line”). In the time it took for them to get me one, the deadline would be blown. So I’m going local.

RR Donnelley is handling the printing and I’ll have the privilege of being there on-site to check quality pre- and post-press! I’m actually really excited. Yeah it costs more than the China option but the lack of stress is worth it. Thanks to Natasha Lewis (my printing rep) for putting as much importance on this book as I am.

Chickadoowa. San Diego Comic-Con International. Synchronicity.


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