SDCCI ’08 photo recap!

I’ll start of with some Wil Wheaton action. He’s got a great blog and is a nice guy in person. Those be his devil horns, tho.

Bear with a gun. That’s all I know.

That’s the Owlship. You may be confused now, but come May 2009 you’ll thank me.

Here’s Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn (G4’s Attack of the Show) interviewing a Catwoman.

My tablemate to the north was — once again — the lovely and hilarious Jose Cabrera of Crying Macho Man.

Across the main hall you could find Phoenix’ own Daniel and Dawna Davis of Steamcrow. They’re good friends and wicked(ly) talented.

Here’s my friend Shay with both Cool Jerk books! She’s dressed as a character from “Venture Brothers” whose first name is “Molotov” and the last name isn’t “Cocktail.”

Here’s consumer whore Eric Kocol with a terrific t-shirt. He had to swing by to get Chickadoowa.

There’s Robert Culp (white hair, seated) and William Katt (foreground) from “The Greatest American Hero.”

Here’s the XY chromosome variant of Power Girl. My friend Earthdog calls this “crossplay.” Power Girl was really nice and fun to talk to.

Another example of “crossplay,” here’s the XX chromosome variant of Booster Gold (holding Skeets for good measure).

“Wonder Twin powers… ACTIVATE!” Where’s that damn monkey with the bucket?

Hamster! This pocketful of cute was created by Jodi Kurland.

Trianna. “Venture Brothers” is exceptionally popular this year. Pretty much every recurring character was memorialized in costume.

Now this was one of the most-unexpected costumed couples I’d seen at the show. Bravo, guys. Very Professional.

Hello, Kitty! Hello, Kitty Pryde! Hello Cat(woman)!

Black Cat & Punisher looking to open up a can of vigilante whoop-ass.

Here I am personalizing a copy of Chickadoowa for someone. And by “someone” I mean “a lucky bastard who bought this book!”

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., making the streets safe for Americans, dammit!

Nick Fury giving the “V for Victory” sign after blowing away a bunch of Hydra operatives.

That’s me and James Sime at the USAToday Pop Candy Meetup. He’s a gent. His comic shop Isotope is the crown jewel of San Francisco.

And here’s the hostess with the mostess, Whitney Matheson. She invited me (and nine other cartoonists) to participate in the first-ever Pop Candy Twitter mini-comic!

Can you find Shrek in the crowd?

“So what’re you going to dress up as for Comic-Con?” “Oh, I don’t know… I was thinking TETRIS.”

And here’s Plastic Man. Dude! What’s with the reach-around?!?

  1. Vyatka says:

    Hello from Vyatka River!!! Thank you for pictures of cosplay bimbos and manchildren! It’s a good idea for next full masquerade… photo more!!!

  2. Crimson Dynamoe Howard says:

    Как хорошо было Адаму: когда он произносил что-нибудь умное, он был уверен, что до него никто этого не говорил.

  3. Ebeneezer Kittykicker says:

    Too cool!


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