“Hey! Check out The Rack!”

I’m pitching in as artist-for-hire on The Rack, an engaging and funny webcomic about a comic-book shop and its quirky staff (think “Clerks” but with word balloons). I finally met its writer, the charming and delightful Kevin Church, at San Diego Comic-Con in July (I say “finally” because I’d been reading “The Rack” and Kevin’s blogs for many months prior to Comic-Con, and we’re pals in various Web 2.0 associations like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr). Over a dinner of fish tacos and Horchata he somehow coerced me* to be artist du jour during Halloween week, giving the regular artist Benjamin Birdie a few days off. So go check it out today and through the rest of the week!

For more Kevin Church, go here!
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For much more of The Rack, go here!

*I think it was Cool Jerk-related flattery, but maybe he slipped me a roofie.


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