Hodabeast in stores today!

Today (Nov. 26) marks the in-store debut of my first book, Cool Jerk Vol. 1: Hodabeast! Just in time for Christmas shopping and Black Friday!

So now you can just head over to your Friendly Neighborhood Comics Shop and get your hands on the ‘Beast (and if they don’t have it, fret not because they can reorder it). And since it’s considered a “graphic novel” or “trade paperback,” it might not be where the new comics usually go. So ask for it if you don’t see it. Of course a store-bought Hodabeast is awesome… but if you want one that’s personalized to you, you can always order directly from me!

I know I’ve talked about this book for quite a while — and you already know it’s filled with the first couple hundred Cool Jerk strips, sketches, outtakes, a director’s commentary and an index — so I’ll let someone else do it for me (thanks, Matt!).



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