Cool Jerk conquers House of Secrets

With Amy and alternate-reality Paul, Wednesdays staff at House of Secrets. Not pictured, Erik.

With Amy and alternate-reality Paul, Wednesday's staff at House of Secrets. Not pictured, Erik.

Wednesday’s Cool Jerk signing at Burbank’s House of Secrets was terrific. Erik and Paul (the owners of HoS) are übermensch and their shop flat-out kicks ass. Patton Oswalt stopped in twice, but alas, no Cool Jerk for him. Was kinda hoping the cast from The Big Bang Theory would wander in (Darlene and I were part of the live-studio audience the night before).

It was grueling, having to hang out IN A COMICS SHOP FOR 9 AND A HALF HOURS! And even though the weather was frightful (torrential flooding, lightning, waterspouts, locusts), I’d estimate close to 300 people stopped in to get their weekly four-color hook-ups. A testament to how awesome House of Secrets is.

Special thanks to all the people that stopped by my display and/or picked up a book or two: Jenn (and for bringing in her cupcakes), Sarah, Jodi, Ed, Todd, Dan, Jared, Drew, Rob, Art, Chris, Daniel and Amy (House of Secrets’ ambassador of good will — see photo)!

  1. Gracie says:

    I read your second book Chickadoowa and I have to say, it’s really funny. It reminds me of Bloom County but only in the most superficial way. I like to imagine it running in the newspaper next to crap like Beetle Bailey and Cathy. That makes it 30% more enjoyable!


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