Cool Jerk comic-con commitments, 2010

Team Cool Jerk, San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Team Cool Jerk, San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Since my checks evidently didn’t bounce, I can now share the official schedule of Cool Jerk comic-con appearances in 2010 (so far; Cool Jerk may attend a ‘con or two later in the year. Any suggestions?):

Emerald City ComiCon • Seattle
March 13 & 14
Cool Jerk’s second ‘con appearance in the land of Twin Peaks, coffee conglomerates and sasquatches.

WonderCon • San Francisco
April 2-4
Fourth year in a row! Look for Team Cool Jerk in the same spot as always (Artists Alley, across from the Furries yiff pile)!

Phoenix Comicon • Phoenix
May 27-30
Delighted to be back for the first time since 2006!

Comic-Con International • San Diego
July 21-25
Eight years in a row, in the same spot as always (Small Press K10, next to the restrooms and vomitorium)!

So mark your calendars, put in vacation time, book those flights and bring your wallets!

  1. justJENN says:

    Are you guys staring at a dude dressed like Sailor Moon? If you’re not then you should be.

  2. Arthur Z. says:

    I remember buying a Happy Funbag from you in Phoenix a few years ago. The air freshener still barely works!

  3. Luna Paula says:

    Well-written comic. I’m glad that I could find more strips, after you redesigned your website!

  4. Sieena L says:

    Keep up the good work, I like your writing.

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