Fifty-one more weeks to go!

One book per Jackie O, please!

San Diego Comic-Con International 2010 is all but a fading memory. Only a slightly cracked voice and a small pile of mementos (freebees or otherwise) are here to remind me that I spent a solid five-day work week on my feet, talking to friends and making new ones. Oh, and Darlene and I took a slew of photos. But I’ll get to those later in my annual SDCCI Photogasm Recap, as tradition dictates.

This year’s ‘Con marked the worldwide debut of Bimboozled, the third volume of collected Cool Jerk strips. It was serendipitous that I asked my long-time pal John Layman to write the foreword several months ago. Who knew he’d go on to get nominated for — and ultimately win — an Eisner Award for Outstanding New Series? (I did, secretly) His Image comic Chew is the talk (taste?) of the town, and I’m really happy for him. Bravo, Mighty Layman. Bravo.

This year’s coupon — available ONLY to subscribers — was for a free, full-color poster print with the purchase of Bimboozled. The print was an extremely limited run and they all went to subscribers who participated. Thank you! My gift to you for supporting small press and independent cartoonists, and for being a subscriber!

This comic-con had a lot of exciting events: “Scott Pilgrim,” “The Walking Dead,” “Thor,” “Green Lantern,” “True Blood,” “Glee” (?) and scores of other TV shows and movies dominated the buzz, as did a face-stabbing in Hall H on Saturday and rumors about if Comic-Con is going to leave San Diego in the coming years.

Sadly, dozens of familiar faces (familiar to Team Cool Jerk, that is) didn’t attend Comic-Con this year, for one reason or another (conflicting schedules, passes selling out, the economy, moving out of the area, etc.). Missed you guys! You know who you are.

But I did get to say hi to a lot of friends and allies of Cool Jerk: Tom Bray and his posse (Tom was instrumental in getting Cool Jerk into multiple newspapers back in the early 1990s), Richard Foley, Jay Halili and Jamie Lim, Earthdog, Marc Mason, Alex G., Randy, Eric (and Jocelyn, by proxy), Jim Burns and Jason Childs (responsible for this strip, swear to God), Wendy the Rollergirl who kicked my ass last year, Lacie, Brian, Dennis Schamp, Trina Mills & her brother and pop, Kim the Catgirl & her brother and pop, Armando, Magic Snapshot (hug to you, dear lady!), Kurt Snibbe, Marian (and Majorie, by proxy), Bridget Crosby and Josh (!!), Keith G. and Kady, David S., Donald and @kirbiecravings, Jonathan Solomon, Larry C., Shaylan and Ty (only reps from the Poway Posse this year), James Michael’s emissary whose name escapes me, Grace and Araceli, a slew of former co-workers (Anita, Nel, Michelle, Rose and Jeff, Luis and Neil), Steve Yatson and Rebecca Watson from Poser/Manga Studio, and @acomicbookgirl. Thanks to Mike, the other Mike, Matthew, Todd, John, Tak, Hans from Peru, Kim’s co-conspirator Patrick, Bailey, Jonathan, Dan, Justin and Lauri, Rob and his boy Matt for stopping by and making my acquaintance (or vice-versa).

Even though I was super-busy, I was able to catch up/spend some extra time with pals and colleagues Jodi Kurland, Sarah Kuhn and Jeff Chen, Kevin Church, Ming Doyle, Daniel and Dawna Davis, Ryan Claytor, Ben and Andrea Walker, Naomi and Jose Cabrera, Bavarian Erin and Superfro, Deb Aoki, Tyler and Wendy Chin-Tanner, James Hicks, Chris Wisnia, Phil Foglio, Abby Denson (and Matt Loux, who I met) and Ren Bates. JustJenn gets a big virtual hug for letting us spend so much time with her. XOXO

I also got to meet fellow creators (and first-time Small Press exhibitors) Audra Furuichi & Scott Yoshinaga (mahalo!) and steampunk simian Chet Phillips, which was a whole lot of awesome! I understand they all had a good show.

It’s nearly impossible to mention you all. I hope I didn’t leave out anyone who’s reading this!

Special thanks goes to the other half of Team Cool Jerk, my wonderful wife Darlene! Among her many in-front-of-and-behind-the-scenes escapades, she ran into one of her five Island Guys on the way to getting me lunch! “OMG! PACEY CON!” *swooon*

Photos to come!

  1. Jodi says:

    Yay! It was great seeing you and Darlene! Apologies again for not getting the new book. Yet. I did spend some of my money on Nemu-Nemu and Steampunk Simians, which I think you’ll understand. Right? Are we good? Hold one aside for me.

  2. christy says:

    I had so much fun. I got 2 of your shirts, everyone love them. and the cool jerk glow in the dark pins. thanks for being there….comic con …..51 more weeks….grin


  3. Carob_Sue says:


  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @Jodi: We’re good! Nemu*Nemu and Chet Phillips are first-timers at SDCCI so I’m sure they appreciated your bizniz! @Christy: See you next year! I await your customary April shout-out “THREE MONTHS ‘TIL COMIC-CON!” @Carob Sue: Aw, chin up, lil’ buckaroo. One of us works at the Happiest Place on Earth, amirite?

  5. Lisa E. says:

    Even thought comic-con has become “Hollywoodized,” one thing that’s remained a constant over the years is Small Press. I always go there to get stuff you really can’t find anywhere else. That’s how I got turned on to Cool Jerk, Keith Knight, Crying Macho Man and Bob the Angry Flower. Convenient that four of the best (and funniest) independent publishers are all in the same row! 🙂

  6. Christine Zabaneh says:

    Still trying to get tickets for 2011. >sigh<

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