Maybe it’s a stray pixel?Jul 19, 2010

(Click it to jihad-size it!)

I didn’t draw him. It was Asswipe Johnson, who — in turn — was drawn by the tweaker with the PowerBook. And he was drawn by the Narrator. Whoever HE is. Me? Not culpable. Nope. Sorry.


  1. *gasp* You mentioned the holy one’s name! What will you ever do?

  2. The HOLY ONE? You mean… *Gasp*… WILLIAM SHATNER?

  3. zjsimon says:

    Such a shame that “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” hasn’t caught on…maybe because some of it’s biggest supporters are christians who want another crusade.

  4. R. Horn says:

    Hope nobody forwards this one to the Middle East! Let me know if you decide on going into
    hiding, OK?

  5. I Think he has gone into hiding. That explains why he hasn’t updated in a while.

  6. Tim 40 says:

    How do you spell “fatwa?” I bet there’s an H and maybe a silent Q in there.


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