You just got Bimboozled!

Well, not yet, actually… but I hope you will soon!

Here’s the skinny:
• Contains more than 200 Cool Jerk strips, picking up from Cool Jerk Vol. 2: Chickadoowa!
• Nearly 15% of the strips within were created ONLY for this book, not ever having been seen by human eyeballs!
• You know those full-newspaper-page comics I did for The San Diego Union-Tribune? The ones that tied in with San Diego Comic-Con in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005? They’re in there!
• Like all my books, all strips have been digitally remastered to better than 600dpi resolution (in comparison, the ones you see online are 72dpi).
• Also like previous volumes, it contains all the extras you’ve come to expect: sketchbook sketches, cutting-room floor scraps, director’s commentary on every single strip and the anal-retentive index! How many books do you buy that compels, nay, FORCES you to reread it another three or four times? That’s almost like getting FOUR books in ONE! That’s added value!
• Foreword by CHEW creator John Layman!
• Limited print run of 1,000 copies!

Its debut will be at San Diego Comic-Con International, July 21-25. After the show I’ll make it available in the Cool Jerk store. $12 for 144 pages of Best Book Ever.

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  1. Lucky Number Seven says:

    I bought a copy at comic-con — it’s my favorite collection so far! The index alone was worth the price of the book! Well, not really, but it’s pretty freaking awesome! Your head must explode when you do those.

  2. James K Horror says:

    I have your first book (the red one) but I need to get this one and volume 2. I didn’t make it to comic-con. Can I get them in the Santa Barbara area or do I order from you?

  3. Our Man Horn says:

    @Lucky: Thanks! It’s my favorite, too! @James: I’m trying to get all my books up to your area; right now Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara only has Hodabeast. So for now you can order directly from me via STORE link (top of the page)!

  4. James K Horror says:

    Got your book at House of Secrets. Your point of view is hilarious. I’m looking forward to reading more from you. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

  5. deadpool28 says:

    This one is my favorite so far. Looking forward to volume 4!

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