The way you blowin’ up my phone…

The way you blowin’ up my phone…Sep 13, 2010

…won’t make me leave no faster.


  1. Class of Weighty-Eight says:

    Action extravaganza! I’m gonna send this to my mom

  2. Jackie OHYEAH! says:

    You had me at lady Gaga. Oh shiiii…. 😉

  3. Jackie OHYEAH! says:

    And I love Puppy in the last panel!

  4. You Pal Sal says:

    KILLER last panel! I can totally envision this (and most of your strips) animated.

  5. Double Em says:

    Blowin’ up my phone… not so bad 🙂

  6. Rich S. says:

    I’ve noticed that Puppy’s changed her look lately. Lot more of the leggings, much less of the cuffed shorts.


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