Eyewitness accounts

I’ve amassed a small photo album of confirmed Cool Jerk paraphernalia sightings over the years. If you’ve seen others, feel free to email them to me so I can add them to the gallery!

cj in berlin

Clear Cool Jerk sticker, side of a cigarette dispenser at a subway stop, Berlin, Germany.

cj in brussels

Clear Cool Jerk sticker, side of steel pole near Manneken Pis, Brussels, Belgium.

cj in san diego

Faded vinyl Cool Jerk sticker, Hillcrest neighborhood near Bronx Pizza, San Diego, CA.

cool jerk tshirt guy

Cool Jerk t-shirt in use, Solana Beach, CA (photo by James Burns).

cj in tokyo

Cool Jerk vinyl sticker, neighborhood bulletin board near Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan.

jamie lim kateboard

Cool Jerk vinyl and clear stickers on underside of skateboard, San Diego, CA (photo by Jamie Lim).

sdcci trolley 072410

Cool Jerk button (2004 edition) seen on anonymous 2010 San Diego Comic-Con attendee, San Diego Trolley, San Diego, CA.

cj air freshener

Cool Jerk air freshener, in random car (OK, it’s Darlene’s. What.), San Diego, CA.

  1. Stacey Ha says:

    I’ve seen that sticker/logo somewhere, too. I think in the Bay Area, but not SF. Maybe Berkeley? Oakland?

  2. D.C. says:

    I’ve seen a Cool Jerk thing on the back of a truck window a few years ago. Nevada plates.

  3. Shana Jankas says:

    Air fresheners?? No way! That’s too cool! Do you still have some? Do they smell like the ocean?

  4. Jazz Hands says:

    You need OBEY GIANT-style posters on your site somewhere that can be printed out and pasted up… WORLDWIDE

  5. Mr. Macanas says:

    Once you start making those stuffed Garfields* that stick inside car windows, then you’ll know you’ve made it big.

    *(obviously not “Garfield,” but some character of yours)


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