Puppy figures it out?

Puppy figures it out?Oct 1, 2010

Actually, for a long while I thought “laying pipe” was the same as “dropping a deuce.” Any one else?


  1. Hookin plumbers for life! Is Yuri’s first client Mario by any chance?

  2. Cory Freeman says:

    Now, I thought “dropping a deuce” was a gambling term, like “doubling down” or “splitting aces.” Don’t tell me those are sex euphemisms too.

  3. Cory Freeman says:

    By the way, I love Puppy’s WTF face in panel three.

  4. Sam and Pork bun says:

    Three Simple Rules when dealing with Plumbers or Plumbing :
    #1 Show up on time and have all your tools to do the job
    #2 Don’t lick your finger or bite your nails while working
    #3 Make sure the check is in the mail post dated

    Number 2 is always dealing with #2 no matter which side of the toilet you work on.

  5. Truden says:

    cooljerk.com – da mejor. Guardar va!

  6. Jackie OHYEAH! says:

    A-haha! That’s hilarious!

  7. Jackie OHYEAH! says:

    Is Puppy missing a boob in the last panel?

  8. Rich S. says:

    Is stuff like this that makes me happy for the internet, because no way Cool Jerk would run in a newspaper. Thank God.


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