Yes. Collect ’em all why dontchya

Yes. Collect ’em all why dontchyaFeb 16, 2011

First panel may or may not feature my friends and long-time Cool Jerk allies, newlyweds Lacie and Sean. And that may or may not be a Bea Arthur cameo in the second panel.


  1. Mark says:

    Hey! When are the CoolJerk dolls… er I mean collectible action figures coming out?!

  2. Will there be action figures of cool jerk obscure back ground character?

  3. Al says:

    Oooo, I want “party guy with arms in the air” action figure!!

  4. and to think that i ALMOST bought Lobot on clearance for $5 from urban outfitters. His headset was so rad!

    if you make cool jerk action figures, i want the 80’s dance series!

  5. KeithG says:

    Make the figure and slap a “Fan’s Choice #3” starburst on it to make it legit.

  6. zjsimon says:

    Maybe comics fans should start opening toy shops, telling people ‘you can have the doll, but you have to prove you own its comic series first.’

  7. Jason Childs says:

    As a bald man with a son that is WAAAAAAAY too much into Star Wars – should I start thinking about having my attorney write up a cease and desist regarding panel #2?

  8. Our Man Horn says:

    @Mark @Mr.Hoisington @Al: No action figures as yet. But when I do, Random Obscure Background Figure will be a bonus mail-away!

    @caninecologne: I can’t remember if I had Lobot. I’m thinking yes; I’m pretty certain I had all the original Kenner figures through Empire Strikes Back. IG-88? WTF?

    If I do action figures, I’d definitely have variants (Hanging at Home Puppy, Java the Hutt Puppy, Bikini Puppy, Dance Club Puppy, WUAAARGH Puppy)

    @KeithG: That’s awesome. I think “Arms Over Head Guy” would definitely be Fan’s Choice #1.

    @zjsimon: Good ideas! “You’re not yet worthy of this toy!”

    @Jason Childs: El-oh-el! I might need to remaster the second panel to add Iron Man and Superhero Squad toys all over the place… and whatever Peter is into, too! =:^)

  9. Firedog says:

    Saw your strip profiled on MTV Geeks blog. I’ve only read a few so far and they’re awesome. So much better than 98% of that webcomic shit out there. And now… off to your archives!


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