Huge pair

Huge pairFeb 23, 2011

It’s a wonder she can even stand up…!

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  1. What does Armpit read? Dilbert?

  2. erk says:

    I always imagined he’d read something edgier like, Pearls Before Swine, or Ziggy…wait do they still write Ziggy?

  3. Medusa says:

    Daily Relic — ouch. (truth hurts)

  4. KeithG says:

    I miss The Far Side comics.

  5. Kim says:

    Good job for not going with the obvious joke!

  6. Firedog says:

    Don’t get me started on Garfield’s “feet” and how they’ve bloated over time!

  7. Dan70 says:

    Garfield hasn’t been funny since Lyman was a regular. Puppy, I’m crestfallen.

  8. Hasta says:

    *spittake I love sight gags, when used in moderation. Awww screw that. I love sight gags ALL THE TIME.

  9. Jeff71 says:

    You want evolution? Check out the original Blondie strips from the 1930s. Compare Blondie then to Blondie now. Hubba hubba!

  10. Kavana says:

    The earring joke is definitely more newspaper-friendly, but the rack joke is more what I’d expect from Cool Jerk. I liked that you did both. It’s like “choose your own adventure!”

  11. Cammie says:

    You want to see weird boobs? The mom on “Zits.” Just saying.

  12. Our Man Horn says:

    @Mr. Hoisington @erk: I figure Armpit is into Overboard.

    @Medusa: We’re survivors!

    @KeithG: You and me, both! Get the two-volume slipcase hardcover treasury!

    @Kim @Kavana: Thanks! (I still kinda did, originally)

    @Firedog @Dan70: I have the same reaction to Garfield as vampires have to religious totems. (HISSSS!!!)

    @Hasta: ME TOO!

    @Jeff71 @Cammie: I’ve always liked Blondie. It’s kind of charming. And there used to be movies! The mom on Zits does have a freaky profile — like she got stabbed through the heart with a banana.


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