TelecommutingMar 9, 2011

Maggot goes gangrene for the environment.


  1. When he means “work from home.” Does he actually mean look at pornography on the internet all day?

  2. KeithG says:

    Yep, Tried that on a sled in Big Bear. Gravity and inertia are two cruel mistresses. Luckily I was so scrawny as a child, I didn’t weigh enough to generate the force required to break bones. I just bounced off of obstacles like a laundry bag or a hackie sack.

  3. anonymous says:

    Child endangerment LOL!

  4. Jackie OHYEAH says:

    It’s like Jackass, but funny!

  5. Avto says:

    Hi, where are you from?

  6. Our Man Horn says:

    @Mr.Hoisington: Maggot’s just barely in puberty, so looking at nekkid members of the opposite (or same?) sex online is probably pretty high on the list.

    @KeithG: Ditto. I’ve never really skateboarded but I had some amazing bicycle crashes.

    @anonymous: ROTFHBTD! (Rolling on the floor head busting through door)

    @Jackie OH YEAH: Aw, I like Jackass, but in small amounts.

    @Avto: Where the owls are not what they seem.


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