Armpit’s screaming like a banshee

Armpit’s screaming like a bansheeMar 16, 2011

Manly, yes… but I like it, too!


  1. Ryan Claytor says:

    Nice Notre Dame reference at the end. This whole strip was great, too!

    Go Paul! 🙂

  2. zjsimon says:

    Now show her having 7 kids and eating raw potatoes out of the ground.

  3. R. Horn says:

    Grandma once told me an ancestor or ours spent some time in Ireland. So guess what… we’re just a bit o’ Irish thanks to that fellow and his lassie! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Paul! BTW, do you even own anything green to wear for this day?! ; )

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, good luck doing the “exaggerated ethnic stereotype” thing on Cinco de Mayo.

  5. Kate says:

    I hope that’s green beer, because — as someone who’s 1/17th Irish — I’d be totally offended if that were Guinness in a regular beer mug.

  6. doofas88 says:

    LOL at the last panel

  7. Clusterfluff says:

    Under-age drinking! Am i rite or whut??

  8. Steverino says:

    “Grab your shillelagh.” My new favorite St. Paddy’s Day euphemism! (not that I already had one)

  9. Our Man Horn says:

    @Ryan Claytor: Maybe I’ll work in a Spartan sometime!

    @zjsimon: Luckily, there are NO SNAKES!!

    @R. Horn: I have a couple shirts, but I wore black.

    @Anonymous: I know, right?

    @Kate: It’s green beer. I wouldn’t want to evoke the ire of the Irish!

    @doofas88 @Steverino: Trying my darndest to make each panel shine like a pot of leprechuan gold!

    @Clusterfluff: Um… you’re right. Shhh!


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