I’m sure you’ve seen him around

I’m sure you’ve seen him aroundApr 27, 2011

I mean, you know. Not saying he is, not saying he isn’t…

Thanks to David Poller for co-writing!


  1. KeithG says:

    Yes! A tie-in uncovering the mystery that is the “arms over the head guy.”

    Could this be the next huge event in the Cool Jerk universe? Or has DC and Marvel stretched the Tie-in concept /Universe-wide event so thin that it reads less like a coherent story and more like flogging a dead horse. You decide True Believer.

    I myself– will read on.

  2. Leslie says:

    Yay! Arms over head guy!! My favorite! About time he had his own story line.

  3. Yahwell says:

    Eh heh-heh-heh. Arms over head guy. Classic!

  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @ KeithG: I think Arms Over Head Guy needs an origin story IN THE MIGHTY MARVEL MANNER!

    @Leslie: Oh… you need to pick up Bimboozled for a Leslie-dedicated book-only special double-size Arms Over Head Guy strip.


  5. BuzzKiller says:

    HAHAH! That slays me! This series of strips “outing” Manuel (I know you’re not really “outing” him, but youknowwhatImean) is really good reading, esp. now that it’s complete.

  6. Yahwell says:

    If we’ve “seen him around,” does this mean you’re going to hold another contest??


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