Twihard with a Vengeance

Twihard with a VengeanceJul 28, 2011

Aw, if you can’t laugh at yourself… laugh at someone else! Amiriteorwhut?


  1. Mel says:

    Dude, that’s a keeper. :))

  2. jumpthesnark says:

    Smells Like Team Jacob.

  3. Plasticmonster says:

    Yeah, nobody was “sparkling” after the first night on the pavement outside Hall H.

  4. zjsimon says:

    Gonna be forwarding this one a LOT.

  5. KeithG says:

    Yes, good representation of the hot sticky con attendees. You can pick them up and stick them to the walls like pieces of bologna.

  6. Our Man Horn says:

    @Mel: Suitable for printing!

    @jumpthesnark: In human form or lupine form??

    @Plasticmonster: LOL At least they set up tents. If there was sparkle, it was probably morning mung mixed with oils.

    @zjsimon: *fistbump* Felt a bit like pot calling the kettle nerdy.

    @Keith: Holy crap that’s a hilarious visual!


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