Under the influenceJul 20, 2011

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You might be surprised that Cool Jerk’s main influence is a blending of Gustav Klimt and that guy who draws “Beetle Bailey.” Tell me, o loyal reader— do you see any other influences in Cool Jerk?

(Readers— I encourage you to Google any/all of the names with whom you may be unfamiliar.)


  1. George Lucas. Heh.

    Great stuff, man. Have fun at Comicon!

  2. Britt says:

    Puppy’s earrings are SO from the Go-Go’s!

  3. Jim Sloan says:

    Excellent deconstruction, Mr. Horn. Can you, however, elaborate on the very excellent breastwork that you do on your female characters?

  4. Darlene says:

    I swear Art Adams influenced your art in some way — maybe the hands?

  5. zjsimon says:

    All hail J. Kricfalusi’s close ups! Am still paying off too many bills to do geekmekka this year, but think of me when you’re looking at all the eye…candy.

  6. SKleefeld says:

    Big fan of Buscema saliva, Byrne flames, Kirby krackle and the Simonson nose. All classics! But, dude? Cathy Guisewite???? I mean, even if you did swipe that from her, at least be man enough to lie and said you took it from Segar’s Popeye or something!

  7. Johnnywhitebread says:

    There’s no way to duck it. Guisewite is synonymous with flop sweat.

  8. Our Man Horn says:

    @Charles: Thanks! And thanks for dedicating a blog post to Cool Jerk!

    @Britt: True, but these are artists (and George Lucas) whose styles have influenced me. I’ll need to do a strip showing model influences, and Belinda Carlisle from the “Head Over Heels” video might be on there!

    @Jim: Years of careful observation. Of Alan Davis’ work, that is. And other artists. Yes.

    @Darlene: Hmm… I’ll have to examine Art Adams’ hands. Longshot or X-Babies issues, perhaps? Developing…

    @zjsimon: Kricfalusi’s close ups almost never fail to make me howl with laughter. Sorry you couldn’t make it this year!

    @SKleefeld: Gotcha!

    @Johnnywhitebread: Andy Samberg’s Cathy on SNL is one of the best recurring characters in the last 10 years. “SWEAT DROPS SWEAT DROPS!”

  9. Gray says:

    Comic = funny. Photo of you = FUNNY.

  10. EllipticalDyke says:

    Influenced by MAD Magazine? SHOCKED, I tell you. 😛

  11. Michelle Double-L says:

    I think the first thing I noticed about Cool Jerk is the thickness of the panel borders and how it reminded me of Bloom County. Also, your lettering is kind of tall like Berke Breathed’s. But after that, Cool Jerk has a look (and life) of its own!

  12. Towarz 426 says:

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this comic was good. I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to be famous if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  13. Milano says:

    I can see it, esp. MAD magazine and Bloom County. I’m sure there are alot of other influences you couldn’t fit in.

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