Must… not… punch… junk…

Must… not… punch… junk…Sep 14, 2011

I actually had to bust out The Hipster Handbook for source material.


  1. bubblegumzee says:

    I love that last panel; I’d love to see it as a mini canvas without the speech bubble.

  2. jumpthesnark says:

    Riding his fixie to see his ‘rents, no doubt.

  3. KeithG says:

    I don’t get the new lingo. But from the look of frustration on Puppy’s face. it just might be as infuriating as when kids in my high school came back to from summer break speaking ghetto and everything that was written was spelled wrong.

  4. zjsimon says:

    So he just looks like a beach bum instead of a hipster ironically?

  5. Our Man Horn says:

    @bubblegumzee: I’ll put it on my list!

    @jumpthesnark: Totes!

    @KeithG: I hear ya. Waitasec OMG you’re in high school?!? =:^)

    @zjsimon: That’s only because you can’t see his skinny jeans and his chunky Elvis Costello glasses are in his man-satchel. Also, maybe hipsters mutate into hybrid hipster-beach bums when so close to the surf?

    @leslie: Ooo that’s pretty weird. I wonder what Google thought with all the “spro” searches over the past couple of days.

  6. Is that what it is? A bastardization of espresso? Do people Really say that?

  7. KimPittman says:

    Puppy goes from being really cute to really frightening in two panels.


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