Sticker shock

Sticker shockSep 22, 2011

License plate on the first car? Totally legit. Saw it in San Diego three years ago.


  1. “Super kawaii” . That made my day. there is soo many cars with bumper stickers up in Humboldt county. It’s ridiculous. you think there would be a convention for cars with crazy ass bumper stickers.

  2. Cory Freeman says:

    Into leather sex? That’s a gem . Typo on Palin in your tags. Wouldn’t have noticed, but I zoomed in on my iPhone to see the strip and caught it by accident.

  3. Our Man Horn says:

    @Mr. Hoisington: Bumper stickers should not be held to the same standard as pieces of flair. Once you have 15, you’re a lil bit insane-o.

    @Cory: Fixed! Hate the way the screen font looks in WordPress (lowercase Ls and Is look near identical).

  4. This close to San Francisco? I see this about 50/50…

  5. KeithG says:

    The “Not of this world” stickers are getting ridiculously ubiquitous. I still don’t know what it pertains to, but I’m thinking it’s more about religion and less about Science Fiction.

  6. Kirsten Sheppard says:

    I see these damn cars way too frequently. Love all the “born again” values yet they hate gays, freedom of choice etc.

  7. ParaLarry says:

    Into leather sex?

  8. Our Man Horn says:

    @Charlie: San Francisco is a magical place. I’d LOVE to see a car junked up with Tokidoki/Hello Kitty stickers!

    @KeithG: I’ll have to keep my eye out for those. I remember seeing a lot of RAPTURE stickers and instantly thought “Wow, a Blondie fan!”

    @Kirsten: Amen! (not said with a religious connotation btw)

    @ParaLarry: Not me, but thanks for asking! =:^) Yes, that’s exactly the license plate. I applauded when I saw it.


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