Cornpone? Cornhole? Corny?

Cornpone? Cornhole? Corny?Oct 13, 2011

First two panels taken directly from a Twitter conversation I had yesterday. Figured it’s as good a reason as any for a strip.


  1. OMG I’m famous!!!!! And I totally watched the second episode of AHS. It was even creepier than the first and now I’m terrified of home invasions, cupcakes and ashtrays!

  2. Also, I’m much cuter in strip form (YOWZA!)

  3. Also, Superfro will be sad he didn’t wear his dressy overalls.

  4. KeithG says:

    The corn stalks and the “HUH” face – FTW!

    Scary LeatherSex is my next Death Metal band.

  5. Our Man Horn says:

    @Bavarian Erin: You’re at least an infinity-plus-one times cuter in real life, and Superfro’s dressy overalls were at the dry cleaner (the Bedazzled treatment can’t go into the regular wash).

    @KeithG: Ah heh heh heh. I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING re: Scary LeatherSex as a band name. Another option from the following panel: “Fake Chuckle.” (esp. if you go with the “30 Rock” definition of “chuckle.”)

  6. Sterling & Tiffany says:



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