Can’t I just point?Oct 5, 2011

(click it to double-stack it!)

One of the darkest strips I’ve ever drawn.


  1. That must be the most bitter looking IHop waitress I have ever seen.

  2. zjsimon says:

    Oh my goth, thank you! LOL.

  3. KeithG says:

    How heavy was the page and how long did it take for all that ink to dry?

  4. R. Horn says:

    Sorry, but the IHOP reference brought back some bad memories of what occurred at the Carson City IHOP a month ago tomorrow… Yes, pretty dark, I agree. But, you’re forgiven.

  5. April A. says:

    I avoid going to Ihop just in case I’m lured into ordering one of their corny-named breakfast platters.

  6. Bruce says:

    Others have said it better, but wow those IHOP names are cornball.

  7. Steverino says:

    Dark is right! But I think the strips with Armpit & Puppy in the “Blair Witch” parody were even darker. There are 2-3 strips where every panel is solid black.

  8. Our Man Horn says:

    @Mr.Hoisington: It might be Bee Yotch, from Denny’s. (search for her in the TAGS).

    @zjsimon: Thank YOU!

    @KeithG: LOL Yeah, I had to switch to Micron brushes for the large black patches or the paper would’ve curled up.

    @R. Horn: I’m glad I’m forgiven for using a lot of ink to make the strip dark!

    @April: I wonder which sit-down restaurant chain (in IHOP’s class) has the worst-pun-named dishes. I think Denny’s has a bunch IIRC.

    @Bruce: Aw, they’re FUN and FESTIVE! *barf*

    @Steverino: You’re absolutely right. I kind of forgot about those until after I posted the strip!

  9. Jasonbot M32 says:

    Pretty dark, like the Goth karaoke series. Pretty much any Lynch Bob strip should be this dark. 😉 (off topic, I don’t get how does this strip have anything to do with Carson City??)

  10. Alan B. says:

    I love these double-sized strips. I kinda wish that Cool Jerk would jump to this format, but I’m sure it’s a lot more work.


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