So, this happened…

Last week, Darlene invited Andrew Zimmern out for ice cream and gave him a signed copy of the 2009 Cool Jerk in which he appeared.

I regret that I wasn’t present for the ice cream social, nearly as much as I regret drawing Mr. Zimmern a much heavier fellow than he is in real life. (I apparently worked from a very unflattering source photo OR the PETA artist in the strip is a hack — you choose the excuse!)

Of course, there’s more to this story. At some point, Darlene will tell of the adventure she (and our friend Marie) had on her blog. Stay tuned!

(Thanks and XOXO to Darlene who hand-delivered the strip, shot the video and edited out his super-secret email address)

  1. ren says:

    that’s awesome! he always seems like such a pleasant guy.

  2. Our Man Horn says:

    He was! And very gracious. (speaking for Darlene, whose day was totally made)

  3. KeithG says:

    *squeal* That 27 seconds of video has all kinds of win in it.

  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @KeithG: I know, right?? I wish I was there!

  5. R. Horn says:

    Eeeuuu, the last panel in your Feb. 19, ’09 “Cool Jerk” was just sick! Even Andrew and Anthony wouldn’t go so low… I hope! Neat that your book has gotten so far. Very nice of Mr. Zimmern to be so gracious.

  6. How cool is that! Now where’d they go for ice cream, is what I want to know!

  7. Our Man Horn says:

    @caninecologne: Oasis in Imperial Beach. (If I had said “poletas” that would’ve been a dead giveaway, huh?) I’m kinda glad I wasn’t there because I’d probably tinkle.

  8. Ooh, now that you’ve revealed the spot, I recognize the stores now… (Rite Aid aka “Thrifty’s” in the background)…that little strip mall has 3 Filipino places, one where you can buy a pound (yes, a pound) of fried chicken skin for $7.99!!!!! Love Oasis! Double chocolate chip is my fave! Glad Darlene took him down to her old ‘hood!


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