Cool Jerk does Staple!

This weekend (March 3 & 4), Team Cool Jerk will be tabling at Staple! — The Independent Media Expo. We’ll be splitting a table with amazing simian-centric illustrator Chet Phillips! YOU CAN’T MISS US!

Here's a lil' map I whipped up for ya!

We’re really looking forward to it because A) we’ve never been to Austin, TX (although I’ve been to Austin, NV), B) we’ve heard nothing but good things about the show — which has expanded to two days starting this year, C) we’ve heard the attendees have a voracious appetite for indy comics and self-publishing creative types, and D) speaking of “having an appetite,” Darlene and I will be poking around the Austin area for cool and unusual places to eat. On the list: The Junction House in Kingsland. If the house looks familiar but you can’t quite place where you’ve seen it, let me give you a couple of hints: Tobe Hooper. Chainsaw. Leatherface.

I can’t wait to infect the Lone Star State with Cool Jerk madness. Hope to see you there! (If you can’t make it but have a Texan pal who likes comics — tell him/her to head on over!)

  1. Olivia says:

    Rick and I enjoyed seeing you at Staple. Your comments about self-publishing and how Cool Jerk isn’t a “webcomic” were interesting. We think your comics/books are terrific. Good stuff!

  2. Toxygene says:

    Staple was pretty podunk, huh? I think it should go back to being a one-day show or maybe a free show. There weren’t many attendees that I saw, but I was only there on Saturday. Hope you enjoyed Austin!

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