Alphabetical for your convenience

Alphabetical for your convenienceJul 11, 2012

If you’re wondering, Yuri’s costume(s) would also be under U for “Unbelievable” and V for “Vintage.” STAY TUNED!


  1. ZJSimon says:

    Enjoy all the surprisingly bad (and uncomfortably good) cosplay at the con!

  2. Ola Pablo,

    Mike Province here in backwoods Oregon. I see you’re still as talented as ever. Check out my website to see the books I’ve completed since retirement, especially the “A Little Kid From Flat River” which is a collection of stories from my childhood. I’ve just completed a second volume of stories which I’m going to publish within the next week or so and it continues my growing up years in my little home town. “Why is he telling me this?” you’re probably saying right now. Well, mi amigo, I’m wondering . . . . if I were to send you a copy of my “memories” books, do you think you might be interested in reading them, considering them, and possibly turning them into graphic novels? I can publish them and we could split any profits from them. We could both offer them from our websites, etc. Please give it your full consideration and let me know. Thank you!!!!!

  3. ElisaThura says:

    Me likey!


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