Shop Small this Saturday (11.24)!

Tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 24) is Small Business Saturday. Please do consider patronizing small businesses, including the Cool Jerk store.

You need to go to the website and register your American Express card in order to qualify, but the gist is: spend $25 or more at a small business with your AMEX card and you’ll get a one-time $25 reimbursement. Be sure to check their website for all the details. What we’re talking about is $25 in free purchases, basically.

Since $25 is the magic price, I’ll have the following specials available Saturday only:

• Buy any three Cool Jerk books for $25 (regular price $32-$36)
• Buy any Cool Jerk book + a Cool Jerk t-shirt for $25 (even JERKEA, which retails for $20!)
• Buy any two Cool Jerk t-shirts for $25 (save $5-$15)
• Buy three Canvas Panels for $25 (that’s even better than Buy Two Get One Free!)

Instead of rejiggering all the pricing on my store for this one day, just mention AMEX in the checkout (when it asks for Special Instructions) and I’ll honor the special pricing. I’ll issue a refund for the difference.

Thanks for making a difference!

*Regular shipping rates apply on all purchases

  1. Chips a-ho says:

    Oh crap I missed out! I guess I’ll just have to buy your stuff without any AMEX rebate incentiv4es. 🙂


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