You mean Ursula Sundress?

You mean Ursula Sundress?Apr 5, 2013

Based nearly 100% on some recent tweets by my darling wife.

And check out Puppy’s custom emoticon!


  1. Debra W. says:

    Darlene is so awesome– if even a smidgen of this is legit, that’s hysterical! I just wonder which part is legit!

  2. SSF Jase says:

    More sindresses, please.

  3. Beth Parrish says:

    I have a couple sindresses myself. 😉

  4. Don FB19 says:

    Following the texts was kind of confusing at first… but I was over-thinking it. Funny!

  5. Our Man Horn says:

    The “sindress” was the legit part. Also typing “underdressed” and the iPhone autocorrecting it to say “undressed.”


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