Thinkulus is coming…

Apparently enough of you guys like Hodabeast, Chickadoowa and Bimboozled enough to merit Cool Jerk Vol. 4: Thinkulus… because it’s at the printers and it’ll be here in about six weeks. Let me tell you a little bit about it!

• It’s a handsome tome, in the same format and architecture as previous volumes. It contains more than 210 comics, a whopping 10 percent of which are brand-new for the book! THAT’S JUST CRAZYPANTS!! And like previous book-only strips, they’re not available online so don’t bother looking! On second thought, knock yourself out!

• Foreword is by the ever-charming and delightful Jane Wiedlin.

• I held a Facebook contest to decide which route to take for the cover illustration: The Lynch Mob or Dangerman vs Pokéyman. The votes were tallied and not only did you vote for Dangerman vs Pokéyman BUT I randomly selected one winning voter to adorn my cover with a blurb. Congratulations, Jamie Lim! I don’t think a comic-con has gone by without her visiting the Cool Jerk table; hoping this year is no different!

Side note: I occasionally hold contests and/or encourage readers to participate in Cool Jerk hi-jinks. The Facebook contest was open only to people who gave that page a LIKE. So if you haven’t already, please give that page a LIKE so you can participate in future crowdsourcing interactions!

Thinkulus is 144 pages of comics, sketches, cutting-room floor rarities and other worthwhile stuff. People just love the director’s commentary and anal-retentive index, so we’ve got those, too!

Thinkulus retails for the low, low price of $12, and will be available at San Diego Comic-Con International (its debut) and at the Cool Jerk store and thereafter.

  1. Mister Sister says:

    FIRST! You’ll let me know, personally, when it’s available for purchase, RIGHT??

  2. Save one for MOI. pretty please.

    OMG, Jane Wiedlin (aka “Joan of Arc” from “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”)?????!!!!!!

  3. RockyMtn. Frogger 82 says:

    My wife and I met you on Friday just before the end of the show. We bought Hodabeast and I’m about half way through it and I really like it. I can’t believe these comics are from 20+ years ago (although the Beverly Hills 90210 references give it away ha ha). I look forward to being a “JERK!” and getting the new book when it comes out.

  4. Laff-a-weed says:

    How’s the book coming along? Has been printed yet? Did you go U.S.A. or overseas?

  5. Our Man Horn says:

    @Mister Sister @RockyMtn.: Figure that the week of Comic-Con (mid-July) is a safe bet.

    @caninecologne: But of course! And yep— THAT Jane Wiedlin!

    @Laff-a-weed: Book is printed and on the slow boat from Hong Kong. It was a MF’ing NIGHTMARE to deal with these printers. And they’re here (the reps, at least) in San Diego! Amateurish mistakes and unrepentant. More on that later. =:^(

  6. Laff-a-weed says:

    Whoa, no way. It wasn’t R.R. Donnelley, was it? I remember you telling me they were a class act (or, at least, were pleasant to work with and did a good job).

  7. Our Man Horn says:

    @Laff-a-weed: Nope, not R.R.Donnelley. I’ll tell you after I receive my books.

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