Cool Jerk Comic-CAN (Saturday, Aug. 31)

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I noticed a lot of San Diego (and San Diego-area) regulars didn’t make it to Comic-Con last month. Maybe it was the high cost of tickets, maybe it was the near-impossibility to get tickets, maybe it was a conflict with work, school or vacation. Whatever the reason, I’m holding another “Cool Jerk Comic-CAN” for those who could not attend SDCC.

Cool Jerk Vol. 4: Thinkulus is my newest collection, and I’ll be having a book signing at Southern California Comics in Kearny Mesa on August 31. That’s a Saturday, so I hope to catch as many of you on your day off (or at least on your lunch hour) as possible.

Thinkulus is a $12 book, but if you need other volumes (Hodabeast, Chickadoowa and/or Bimboozled) I’ll be selling those at a discount. Heck— buy any two books and you a FREE Doc Splatter Ominous Omnibus! I’ll even bring my Canvas Panels, a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

If you haven’t been to Southern California Comics, it’s kind of tricky to find. I’ve whipped up a locator map for you. In general, it’s very close to where Clairemont Mesa Blvd. crosses SR 163. Jamie Newbold is the owner; we’ve known each other for as long as his shop has been in existence. If you come by for Thinkulus, please take some extra time to explore/discover San Diego’s best comics store.

I’ll be there from opening (11 a.m.) til at least 3 p.m. Hope to see you there!

  1. Bobby Perez says:

    That’s awesome, Horn — I’ll be there!

  2. Bag Maximus says:


  3. bruce says:

    Bring t-shirts!

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