SchadenfreudeAug 8, 2015

“I am become death of a franchise, the destroyer of worlds created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.” —Josh Trank


  1. Bill Peschel says:

    Wow. Rotten Tomatoes critics: 9%

    But also: Audience: 25%

  2. SKleefeld says:

    Props for using the “Trank’s FF Tanks” subhead! Much to my surprise/chargin, I have yet to see that used as an actual headline on any reviews!

  3. John139 says:

    That movie was a garbage fire. Not that I saw it, mind you. At least not in a theater. Unless you count my laptop a theater.

  4. Mister Sister says:

    Have you noticed how Newsarama and Comic Book Resources are STILL giving this P.O.S. press on their sites? It’s like “Hey, everyone! Remember how you didn’t see Terminator Genysys? Let’s talk about it some more!”

  5. Peetardy says:

    I think it’s on COZI-TV next week.


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