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Cool Jerk to conquer Phoenix!

This Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 23 & 24) I’ll be in lovely Phoenix, tabling at the Cactus Comicon! For more info on the show, go HERE!

Kind of short notice, I know, but I figure that A) if you’re already going to the ‘Con, then you’re already going to the ‘Con, and B) I’m probably not going to be the deal-maker in getting you to the ‘Con. But hey — if you’re within a couple-hour drive of Phoenix this weekend, do go to the show and swing by the Small Press Area/Artists’ Alley. I understand we’ll be outside of the main exhibit hall where we won’t embarrass the other pros and dealers. i.e. the parking lot in 110-degree heat.

Come on by and buy my wares, like the official Cool Jerk Happy Happy Funbags, T-shirts, button packs, and other zany crap. Undoubtedly, Arizona will be the next toehold in Cool Jerk’s inevitable conquering of the world!

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