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<> The black-clad Goth chicks in the first strip are the Lynch Mob, a trio (coven?) of cinema undergrads who are devoted to David Lynch. They’re some of my favorite characters at Spittle Beach.

<> Darling Alien is a Cool Jerk pseudonym for… well… let’s just say the name has been changed to protect the innocent.

<> No joke regarding the fact that I haven’t made any strips making word-play with Puppy Fizgig’s name, until now. Unlike Armpit, who got an armpit joke on my second-ever comic strip.

<> This is for the folks who don’t live in Southern California: The gal who appeared last week is indeed Angelyne Billboard Queen, a Hollywood pseudo-celebrity who has become famous because she paid for the ads. Spot her in “Earth Girls Are Easy” and on the California Governor Recall ballot.

<> No, I didn’t forget to show you what was on the greeting card Armpit was holding. Keep reading, effendi! I added that “bonus deleted panel” to the last strip.

<> The “It’s so cute I want to smash its face to make it ugly!” line in the last strip was actually spoken by my girlfriend, regarding Mr. Winkle. We laughed so hard about it that it actually became the impetus for this whole storyline.

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