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Podcast review — The Girl with the Donut Tattoo

Yes, it's a screengrab with a drop shadow. BECAUSE I'M FANCY!

It came to our attention that The Girl with the Donut Tattoo recently got a glowing review via podcast.

The Comic Book Noise Family podcast is a fun and professionally produced-yet-informal chat between/among any number of comics fans and allies. In this particular episode from Sept. 14, Donut Tattoo was reviewed by DTCJohn and Josh, a couple of Madison, WI comics guys (Josh manages the east branch of Westfield Comics).

Here’s the page with links to listen online or to download the audio file.

It’s an entertaining read listen. “Donut tramp stamp.” Indeed!

Hodabeast reviewed

Luke Foster of had some nice things to say about my book, Hodabeast. is a great site with lots of reviews, interviews and other features. Thanks to Luke for the insightful review (and to Jennifer M. Contino for helping out behind the scenes).

“Best new strip since ‘Calvin and Hobbes?'”

Independent Propaganda –specifically Matt Butcher — reviewed my humble strip and had some bitchin’ things to say!

Paul Horn has quite a dynamic cartooning art style. The characters are flashy and good to look at. The panels are filled with movement and clever facial expressions. They are, without a doubt, better looking than most of the daily strips in my newspaper.

To read the rest of the review, visit here.

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