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Podcast review — The Girl with the Donut Tattoo

Yes, it's a screengrab with a drop shadow. BECAUSE I'M FANCY!

It came to our attention that The Girl with the Donut Tattoo recently got a glowing review via podcast.

The Comic Book Noise Family podcast is a fun and professionally produced-yet-informal chat between/among any number of comics fans and allies. In this particular episode from Sept. 14, Donut Tattoo was reviewed by DTCJohn and Josh, a couple of Madison, WI comics guys (Josh manages the east branch of Westfield Comics).

Here’s the page with links to listen online or to download the audio file.

It’s an entertaining read listen. “Donut tramp stamp.” Indeed!

The Girl with the Donut Tattoo — in today’s U-T

Get a copy TODAY!

Look who made the cover of The San Diego Union-Tribune’s (aka U-T San Diego) Food Section!

That’s pretty thrilling, since Darlene and I both used to work there (and that’s where we met) AND it’s out on the first day of Comic-Con. It’s a really good and accurate write-up by Candice Norwood. Go pick up a copy at your neighborhood liquor store, Starbucks or newspaper rack!

The Girl with the Donut Tattoo has arrived

This year’s offering from HornCo Press — the fine comics publisher who brought you those spiffy Cool Jerk and Doc Splatter books over the years — is The Girl with the Donut Tattoo.

It’s Darlene’s first comic (or book for that matter). She wrote it as a comic companion to her food blog, My Burning Kitchen. It contains several stories about our food-related adventures and amusements told in comic form. That’s where I come in— I drew the whole thing up. Not only will you find comics (of course), but there are some infographics, photos, recipes and a dueling creators’ commentary!

We’re really happy with how The Girl with the Donut Tattoo came out, especially since this is Darlene’s first foray into creating comics. I’m proud of her — she took to comics-writing like a duck takes to water. She’s been a comics fan/reader since childhood and I know she’s a lot more excited about this project than she lets on. In fact, she already has ideas for future volumes!

We’re debuting The Girl with the Donut Tattoo at San Diego Comic-Con next week; find us at the Cool Jerk table, Small Press K10 (the same spot since 2003). Please come by and pick one up! They’re $5 a pop, with a VERY limited print run.

(I’ll chat more about Comic-Con, Cool Jerk and special deals in the next blog post)

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