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Cool Jerk and San Diego Comic-Con 2016

This week is Cool Jerk’s 14th straight year exhibiting at San Diego Comic-Con International. Come find us in Small Press (K10), the same spot we’ve been in since 2003. You may have wondered why there hasn’t been much in the way of new Cool Jerk strips lately. Well, here’s why!

It’s been a long time coming, but Darlene and I are finally presenting The Girl Who Kicked The Donut Habit, the follow up to 2012’s The Girl With The Donut Tattoo which sold out after three printings. It’s another venture into Darlene’s food-centric world, and pays homage to her mom who passed away unexpectedly in 2014. It’s 24 color pages of comics, recipes, a centerfold (?!?) and costs six bucks with $1 of each sale benefiting the Colon Cancer Alliance. It’s debuting at Comic-Con, so be sure to get one from Darlene directly so she can sign it for you!

In case you missed it last year, I’ve harnessed all my pedantic anal retention into the Jerkopædia— The Official Visual Style Guide to Cool Jerk.

This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who reads and appreciates Cool Jerk (or comic strips in general), character design and animation model sheets. And it’s much more than just fun drawings… it’s fun drawings WITH ANNOTATIONS! Find out who walks around commando! Discover the secret of Armpit’s feet! When was Arms-Over-Head Guy’s first appearance? This guide has it all AND MUCH MORE. It’s 24 pages, professionally printed with a heavy stock color cover, six bucks.

Folks just love these, so I’ll also have a few new Canvas Panels debuting at the show! Tell me— who doesn’t want a panel of zombie Jenny McCarthy on the crapper?? A mere $15 a pop for hand-sized artwork, suitable for any room in the house!

We’ll also have all the other items you could ever possibly want:

• T-shirts in a variety of styles, fits (M or F) and sizes! All shirts are $15. CHEAP!
• Sharpie original art breakdowns for $3-$5? CRAZY!
• Stickers, buttons and the like!
• As ever, sketches are free!

Click it to find that Pokemon!

Here’s a map I made while you were looking for Pokemons. To recap, we’re in the same spot we’ve always been, Small Press K10, right by the communal baths/vomitorium/emergency cosplay repair stations.

Find us on Twitter — @cooljerk and @darleneeats. We’ll be live-Tweeting throughout!

See you there!

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