But what’s the third oldest profession…?

But what’s the third oldest profession…?Oct 8, 2010

Nothing give me more pleasure — as a cartoonist — than drawing the inside of Yuri’s home.


  1. Jackie OHYEAH! says:

    Panel three = sweet spot.

  2. Jackie OHYEAH! says:

    C’mon! Hurry up and get to the next strip, Mr. Horn! I don’t care if you’re on vacation! I NEED MY ‘JERK!

  3. Theresa Sanko says:

    What I love about your strip is that it really paints a picture of the friendship between Yuri and Puppy. Which is no easy task I imagine, esp. since you’re a guy. They have dimension and always make me laugh.

  4. Zack says:

    Nice to see the Information Lady again! She needs to show up in Spittle Beach and start knocking heads. :)

  5. Debra W. says:

    Puppy’s missing her cell, Armpit’s missing his bus… you got a lot of loose threads to tie up!

  6. Kris88 says:

    One of the things that sets this strip apart from other webcomics is that it doesn’t suck balls. Another is that it’s really well done. Am I being redundant? Anyway, good work, sir!

  7. kaitlin says:


  8. Jay Zee says:

    I heart Yuri. Why? Believable character, and quiet scenes (like panel 3) give her some depth that you don’t usually get. I think she should get her own spin-off.


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