MECHA-TYRA!Apr 19, 2010

(Click it to Tyra-size it!)
If the Homunculus had a head (a mandible, to be specific), I would’ve added Rumer Willis to the crew.


  1. Duncan says:

    I was really hoping those boobs were missiles. And thanks for the dollar sir, I am proud to win it. The level of action and varied composition in your strip has increased like mad!

  2. KeithG says:

    Ha. I love it. I believe Rumer Willis has a small face which makes her features look big. Like she was washing dishes with hot water and looked out a window with a cool breeze and shrank it. That’s my theory.

  3. Steven says:

    I assume there’s still an epilogue or wrap-up coming. WHAT HAPPENED TO ARMPIT’S VW MINIBUS??

  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @Mr.Hoisington: Ka-BOOB Ka-BOOB! @Duncan: Thanks, Duncan! I do what I can to keep people entertained AND to make sure people get their money’s worth! @KeithG: That’s a hilarious observation. I haven’t seen Rumer in anything other than still photos so I’ll have to see if she does indeed have Microface. @Steven: Keep reading!

  5. DirtPickle says:

    Rumer Willis should see the same plastic surgeon Heidi Montag did and get a few inches shaved off that bear-trap of a jaw.

  6. Demi Moore but not really says:

    Don’t be busting on my kid. She’s still a blossoming young lady and she’ll grow into that jaw.

  7. Alejandro Singleton says:


  8. Mister Sister says:

    oh, snap! (re: Rumer Willis) She’d actually look a lot prettier.


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