You know, I should do this more often…

I had a book signing for Cool Jerk Vol. 3: Bimboozled this past Saturday at M-Theory Music here in San Diego, and it was the best three+ hours I’ve had since my written driver’s test! Like I mentioned earlier (see the previous blog post), I wanted to have a consolation ‘con — a “Cool Jerk Comic-CAN” — for local friends and allies of Cool Jerk who couldn’t make it to Comic-Con this past summer. So I set up a mini-version of my SDCCI “tablescape” and sold some books!

Now, I’ve done a few book signings over the past 3-4 years, but this one was special for a few reasons:

• I used Facebook and Twitter (in conjunction with the weekly Cool Jerk e-mailer) to get the word out. Likewise, Darlene also contacted a few of her local friends via her food-blogging and comics aficionado circles. Believe it — those two worlds overlap!

• Darlene managed to get San Diego’s premier mobile cuisine (read: taco truck) Tabe BBQ to partner with us for the first 90 minutes. AND — to sweeten the deal — I whipped up some Taco Tickets for book-buyers (buy a book, get a free taco).

• M-Theory Music also has a weekly newsletter, plus a calendar of events (like mine) on their website.

• San Diego City Beat ran a blurb about the signing in the most-recent issue.

It was a synergetic synchronicity of comics, music and delicious Asian-fusion cuisine! Not a bad way to spend a warm autumn evening in America’s Finest City!

With Chef Todd of Tabe BBQ. Me with burrito, Todd with Bimboozled.

Thanks to a chunk of the Poway Posse — Nathan, Joe, Ben, Barry, Mack and rookie inductee Gary — for coming down to get Bimboozled! Also, a contingent of former Union-Tribune colleagues showed up to get the ‘Jerk (Chris, Steve, Janine, Anna, Mike, Jenny, Sandy, Ani and Bruce). Bethany Jordan and her friend Joey came by, as did Alex Gamboa and Darlene’s high-school video instructor, Mr. Lakin (and his entourage). I also finally got to meet the hilarious and enigmatic food-and-pop-culture blogger Canine Cologne (also with entourage). And, lastly, thanks to Rick at M-Theory Music for hosting the event, and to Chef Todd and Matt from Tabe BBQ for making it 40% more awesome (and 100% more delicious)!

  1. justJENN says:

    ‘Me with Burrito’ should be a tag used more often. I wish I was closer, I love tacos…and you guys!

  2. Hi Paul, it was great finally meeting you and Darlene! Love your books – almost done with the first one! Thank you for doing your ‘manly’ pose for my camera and listening to me rant and rave about stuff. A very “nice” first impression, I’m sure. Security!

  3. Susbro says:

    Looks like fun. I wish I could have been there.

  4. Darlene says:

    Let’s do this EVERY weekend!

  5. Dianna says:

    I wish I could’ve made it! Where can I get your books? (southern CA/L.A. area)??

  6. TABE FAN says:

    I saw that Tabe BBQ showed up for the signing. I love their food, and now I’m checking out Cool Jerk. You must be pretty good for Tabe to spend some time there, and I spent a while reading your comics. I love it! Funny stuff!

  7. TABE FAN says:

    Me again. I’ve been picking away at your archived comics, and now I think I need to buy a book or two!

  8. Steverino says:

    What do you know about Speedy DNS? I think they’re a bunch of dickholes. They’ve been spamming my site. How about you?

  9. Our Man Horn says:

    @JustJENN: I’ll see if I can add “me with burrito” and “poop closet” to my Tags!

    @caninecologne: I’m happy you like Hodabeast! The signing was all the more successful and worthwhile in having met you in person.

    @TABE FAN: You’re too kind. I’m going to get my books into M-Theory on consignment. SOON! Meanwhile — eat at Tabe BBQ!

    @Susbro & Dianna: Missed you, too! You can get ALL Cool Jerk books at Meltdown (L.A.), Comics, Toons & Toys (Tustin), and House of Secrets (Burbank). Or from me!

    @Steverino: I’ve been getting hit by those douchenozzles, too.

    @Darlene: I know, right??

  10. Uncle Redrum says:

    I don’t want to know what “poop closet” is in reference to.

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