Capital, darling. Simply capital

Chris Wisnia, Brian Peets and yours truly

Just a short recap of last week’s store signing at A-1 Comics in Sacramento. To be honest, I really needed to pimp the hell out of this thing (sending out a Facebook Cool Jerk Group invite, for example). Maybe coordinate with an area taco truck (like my signing in September). Maybe just plan out more than two weeks in advance. Lesson learned.

BUT— it was a lot of fun! I was only there for three hours but I got to hang out with fellow cartoonist Chris Wisnia, who dropped in to talk smack with me! Also, Jeff Kenoyer and his boy Alex came by — Hodabeast, Chickadoowa and sketchbook in hand — to get Bimboozled and catch up with me. Awesome! I haven’t seen Jeff since high school days (he’s my buddy Jay Kenoyer‘s younger brother) and I hadn’t met Alex, although I was warned he’s a big-time Cool Jerk aficionado. I also met and chatted with a bunch of other area comics fans who will soon join my ever-expanding legion of sleeper agents.

Sacramento, I shall return! Thanks again to Brian Peets (and Joe & Joey) for being such awesome hosts!

  1. P. Morales says:

    Any chance you’ll be doing a signing in the Bay Area??


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