Cool Jerk and A-1!

Not the storage company, steak sauce or the newspaper’s front page. I’m talking A-1 Comics!

I confess — Sacramento confuses me. I navigate by instinct!

I’ll be doing a Cool Jerk book signing at one of my favorite comic book shops — A-1 Comics in Sacramento — this Saturday, Nov. 6, from 11am to 2pm. A-1 is located at 5361 Auburn Blvd. in Sacramento (NOT the Roseville location). I’ll have all my books on-hand, plus the Canvas Panels I debuted at Comic-Con this summer. THREE HOURS ONLY!! Tell your friends!! It’d be nice to say hi to you Sacramento-area readers (many of whom I’m sure joined this mailer at APE or WonderCon in years past) and introduce you to my newest book, Bimboozled!

  1. CL with the DL says:

    Oh man, I missed it. I get A-1 newsletters and everything. Crap!!

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