Hissy fit

Hissy fitMar 23, 2011

Hackles? I’ll show you hackles…! (Welcome back, Evil DMV Gal — it’s been a LONG time!)


  1. Dangerkitten says:

    I’ve seen that expression on Puppy’s face in panel 3 before … I think it was on my lizard as he went in for a cricket.

  2. I don’t remember seeing the evil dmv girl before. Was she in Hodabeast?

  3. Our Man Horn says:

    @Dangerkitten: Been there!

    @Mr.Hoisington: Yes, she’s in both Hodabeast AND Chickadoowa. THAT’S WHY I GIVE MY BOOKS INDEXES! =:^)

  4. @Horn:(Ah ha! found it) DMV girl on her first strip was more uglier & scary than her second strip.

  5. Our Man Horn says:

    @Mr.Hoisington: Being consumed by hellfire on a daily basis does that to a person (maybe she was having an off day in Chickadoowa).

  6. Britt says:


  7. zjsimon says:

    So much healthier than exchanging friendly chit chat then talking poop.

  8. KeithG says:

    Ha! I must revisit my Cool Jerk library for this character.

    I’ll probably get side tracked looking at other strips. I used to do that while looking up words in the dictionary. I go in looking for “satisfactory” and end up looking at “falcon”. Don’t let me get started on what comes up during google searches.


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