Two-fer Tuesday

Two-fer TuesdayMar 28, 2011

Sad that I had to research lame-ass pickup lines.

Thanks to David Poller for co-writing!


  1. zjsimon says:

    Great, really great pro LGBT message here. Manhattan wasn’t concerned about Manuel being gay, only about the straight sex he might be getting.

  2. Our Man Horn says:

    @zjsimon: THANK you (and that’s in 120pt. Fruitger bold oblique with a drop shadow)!

  3. KeithG says:

    I used to TRY to pick up women at bars with my friend Darlene. When I got the “I’m into girls” line, Dar would step in and say “OOOOOOhhh Really!” It got to the point that I felt like the Gopher for some Arena-Rock Hair band bringing women to the dressing room. And wondering WHY NOT, MEEEEEEE!!!! She had swagger.

  4. […] (IIRC, monkeys were huge that year) I hope you’ve been enjoying this series of strips (start here) centering on Manuel Dexterity. I’d been planning this tale for many years, patiently waiting […]


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