Bingo!Apr 6, 2011

(Click it for the BIG reveal!)

For those playing along at home, I’ve uploaded the OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER COMIC STRIP DIVERSITY BINGO CARD HERE!

Thanks to David Poller for co-writing both the strip and the bingo card!


  1. KeithG says:

    Yes! I have the same kind of card for Commercial advertising and modern sitcom characters. Commercial advertising is more progressive but panders to diversity with a wink and a nod and saying, “look no racism here we have an asian kid amongst all the other white kids.”… yet the sitcoms are still stuck in the eighties. Bravo, for the commentary! I may use the card to rate other shows.

  2. jumpthesnark says:

    Is there a word for missing flip-flop continuity? Because you have it.

  3. DW says:

    Well done, Mr. Horn. Funny and poignant. Love the bingo card, too.

  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @KeithG: Thanks! I try not to use bingo cards as punchlines (this is the second time) lest Cool Jerk becomes that “bingo card comic.”

    @jumpthesnark: =:^) Oh, the meticulous planning that went into these strips…! IF ONLY YOU HAD ANY IDEA! Oh, wait.

    @DW: Thanks! I’m pretty happy with it, too.


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