It’s Portraits of a Cartoonist Day!

This was Darlene’s idea— to collect various portraits of yours truly from others throughout my cartooning years. Now that I’ve gathered them all in one place, it’s pretty amusing.


Here’s a portrait by Art Baltazar, artist of Tiny Titans. I don’t know about the chicken legs, but to Art’s credit, he drew this in like 60 seconds AND only used a cell phone photo of me (taken by Joe DiAnna). 2007.


And speaking of, here’s one by Joe DiAnna. This was a winning comic strip from some Cool Jerk contest I held in 2007.


Let’s go all the way back to University of Nevada, Reno days. Here’s political cartoonist Calder Chism‘s take on me, circa 1989.


Autobio cartoonist Ryan Claytor put a drawing of me (circa 2005) into his book, “And Then One Day Sketchbook.”


Sociopopculturolitical cartoonist Don Asmussen drew up a comic “welcoming” me to the (San Diego) Union-Tribune graphics department, 1994.


Speaking of the U-T, fellow infographics journalist Mark Nowlin amended a sasquatch graphic I originally did in 1998. Thanks, Mark. The nightmares continue.


And here are a couple by Darlene. I’m fond of the color one because my thighs are slim.



  1. Mark says:

    Do you still have the 80’s baggy skull pants? Or perhaps the question is does Darlene let you wear the 80’s baggy skull pants?

  2. Nikki says:

    It’s nice to laugh at 6:30 in the a.m. You look fab in each, with or without 80’s skull pants that you also wore throughout the 90’s 😉

  3. Laura says:

    I like Calder’s for the simplicity.

  4. ZJSimon says:

    Drawing you should be the next cool-jerk reader contest. Seriously.

  5. Necko1207 says:

    HELL YEA this should be a contest! What do I win??


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