WonderCon 2011 recap!

WonderCon was a couple weeks ago and Darlene and I were there… but NOT as exhibitors (for the first time, actually). I decided to take a break and actually do some networking, socializing, shopping and attend a panel or two… none of which are easy to do when you have to man your exhibitor table. In case you didn’t attend, I took plenty of photos. So, here you go!

This was someone’s sickass ride (I think it had a Hertz Rental Car sticker on it).

Friday was family day. Hey, where’s Cornelius?? um, awkward!

Direct from Asgard, the Warriors Three! Look for them next month in Thor!

CUTEST COSPLAY COUPLE AWARD! I’m thinking… M.O.D.A.M. and M.O.D.O.K.? Not sure about the balls on the face, though.

My favorite Catwoman — Lee Meriwether. MROWR!

If you’ve been to any comic convention in North America over the past several years, you’ll no doubt recognize James and Rebecca Hicks of Little Vampires, who also live in San Diego. (Last year we were keeping each other up to date on the massive Easter earthquake that shook the Southland pretty hard.)

Also with a movie this year, the Sentinel of Liberty himself… the Living Legend of WWII… the First Avenger… (geez, how many titles does Captain America have??)

Nice to see Boomer and Apollo having a chat.

Here are ol’ pals Sarah and Jeff (foreground) and new pals Desiree and Jonathan… all from the Southland. WESTSIDE!

And here’s WonderCon’s pride and joy Ben Walker and Amanda, who I’m told was BORN WITH WOODEN ANGEL WINGS!

Daniel Steam Crow Davis with a creampuff. If it makes any difference, it was a magic creampuff and he leveled up. I don’t really know what that means. Go read his comic, Monster Commute.

BEST COSTUME! This guy I think was dressed as the Penguin, because everywhere he went… HE WADDLED JUST LIKE A PENGUIN! It was SO CUTE! WADDLING EVERYWHERE! All he needed was a top hat, pointy nose, tuxedo jacket with tails, spats, striped pants, trick umbrella and a monocle! (Click the photo to get a better view!)

Here’s a series of photos I took of a group of Earth-11 crossplayers. Their costumes varied in levels of “commitment to the craft,” but all-in-all it was an impressive group. That’s Kit Quinn as Superwoman (she begged people to upload any pics of her in flight, so I hope she can finally prove she’s the last daughter of Krypton).

And we’ll end with rare platinum blonde variant edition Jane Wiedlin, because she’s freakin’ awesome, still wears the Cool Jerk “nighty” from last year and YES! she has a comic, too! ¡Viva Lady Robotika! (OF COURSE she signed my copy! *beams*) Please go track down your own copy — this one’s getting slabbed!

ADDENDUM Although I didn’t take any pics of them, I also lucked out and saw Carla and Lance Hoffman (up from Santa Barbara), Bay Area pal Duncan Cook and Neil (who scored a backroom-deal Bimboozled on the sly). And someday I’ll have to tell you about the shabu shabu dinner we had with Sarah (above) and our friends-who-are-not-associated-with-WonderCon Chad and Todd. We laughed until out faces nearly burst off our skulls.

  1. OMFG!!!! You met Jane Wiedlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (o) _ (o)

  2. B.Juarez says:

    WOW! Jane Wiedlin is and always has been my favorite Go-Go. She’s every bit as adorable as she was in the 80’s… and she’s into comics? My mind (and heart) reels!!

  3. Our Man Horn says:

    @caninecologne: Imagine how cool you think Jane would be in person. Then double it. THAT’S how cool Jane is.

    @B.Juarez: Roger that!

  4. […] Not to be outdone, here are some more crossplayers. Actually, they’re cosplaying DC’s Earth-11 heroes Green Arrow, Batwoman, Plastic Woman, Vixen and Flash. Kit Quinn was pulling double-duty this weekend as Superwoman (not pictured). More pics of them at this year’s WonderCon here! […]

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