Yuri, Yer Out!May 25, 2011

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Can someone collect HeroClix and like Barbara Gordon without being a comics reader? Of course! BTW, the last letter on Yuri’s tanktop is an “E,” not a “K.”

Thanks to David Poller for co-writing, and Sarah Kuhn, who helped out with Yuri’s particular peccadilloes.


  1. Whelp….at least there was only one comic book refrence in there. I’m still safe from being a geek.

  2. KeithG says:

    You need to make Yuri’s shirt available for purchase.

  3. zjsimon says:

    (facepalm) Much as I love the world we’re entering, where hot chicks are also geeks, I feel for all the geek guys that will have to go to gym now…kinda like the gay guys in ok to be Takai areas I guess.

  4. Johnnywhitebread says:

    Who -doesn’t- love the tenth doctor?


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