OMG Color!

To help celebrate twenty years of Cool Jerk, I’ve whipped up not only the first Cool Jerk floppy comic book, BUT the first COLOR Cool Jerk comic collection! And you can be among the first to get it… at San Diego Comic-Con!

OMG Color! Vol. 1 is 28 pages of Cool Jerk Sunday Funnies made full-color; every double-sized strip from Hodabeast and Chickadoowa is in here. In fact, it makes a perfect companion to Hodabeast and Chickadoowa, providing that extra punch of color that those books lack. Read them side-by-side, or cut and paste pages from OMG Color! into your copies of Hodabeast and Chickadoowa!

All but one of these strips have always remained in black and white… UNTIL NOW! (I colorized the Zits one for The (Palm Springs) Desert Sun in 1992, but it’s been remastered for OMG Color! Vol. 1.) And, as you’ve come to expect with all my books, I’ve provided new commentary for each strip! NOW how much would you pay??

Here’s the kicker, friends— the price is $4.00 if you buy it à la carte. But it can be yours FREE with a purchase of a Cool Jerk t-shirt, Cool Jerk Canvas Panel or if you buy BOTH Hodabeast and Chickadoowa!

It’s at the printer right now and should be in-hand in about three weeks. I’m doing an extremely limited print run on this— only 100 copies. First crack goes to San Diego Comic-Con attendees, then I’ll make them available for everyone after the show.

(Thanks to Darlene for indirectly giving me the cover idea, btw!)

  1. bubblegumzee says:

    Oh, this is exciting! I will be sending a representative to snap one of these up!

  2. Cory Freeman says:

    I’m in for one. Can’t make it to the convention. Got my own book to make, but there in spirit. I’m curious what your small print run is costing you and where you’re doing it through. Good luck at the con.

  3. Our Man Horn says:

    @Cory: I’ll send you the deets once it ships (shipping might be an expense above or below their quote). And I’ll squirrel away a copy for ya.

  4. KeithG says:

    IN COLOR! I Love it. And it’s the one year that I can’t go to COMIC-CON.

    I can make it to San Diego, Just not the convention. Maybe we can make a clandestine exchange at some seedy back alley. I’ll bring my trench and Fedora.

  5. jumpthesnark says:

    Sweet! I may be at the Con, hope to snap one up there. If not, we can meet at the Cursed Coffee House Of Cursed Doom.


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