Eat it, Comic-Con!

Going to San Diego Comic-Con but don’t want to lug around your Goldie Gold and Action Jack lunchbox? Don’t sweat it — Team Cool Jerk’s got your back.

Click it to super-size it!

Here’s a handy lil’ map I whipped up for Darlene’s blog. We’ve been meaning to do this for a few years as a public service, especially for our out-of-town friends who sometimes resort to eating concession “food” at exorbitant prices. As for me, I’ll be having only the finest Kobe beef cheeseburgers, topped with foie gras and tapir bacon imported from Malaysia. Mmm… tapir…!

  1. JenniM. says:

    I always try to get something from Tin Fish. It’s a little pricey but the fish & chips are worth it!

  2. Justin Green says:

    Awesome map, Paul. And for me? Ralph’s FTW. They have a fry-while-you-wait fish counter in the back! And it’s cheap!

  3. Paul and Donna says:

    Thank god for Ralphs. We also splurged and did Tin Fish on Friday– well worth the wait in line. I hope the rest of these places are around next year.


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