Hungry at Comic-Con? Leave it to Agents of L.U.N.C.H.

Going to San Diego Comic-Con but don’t want to lug around your mint condition 1974 Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox? Don’t sweat it — Team Cool Jerk’s got your back.

Click it to super-size it!

Here’s a handy lil’ map I whipped up for Darlene’s blog, which I highly recommend visiting to get the 411 on all these eateries. We started this last year as a public service, especially for our out-of-town friends who sometimes resort to eating concession “food” at exorbitant prices. As for me, I’ll be having only the finest Kobe beef cheeseburgers, topped with foie gras and tapir bacon imported from Malaysia. Mmm… tapir…!

  1. Grace says:

    Awesome! I used the map you guys did last year and became a fan of Smashburger. It’s sooo much better than Hodad’s. I can’t wait to try out the Kebab Shop and Lolita’s. Convention center concessions suck. Thanks, guys!!

  2. Awesome Andy says:

    I tried Lolita’s and was NOT disappointed! It’s hard to escape the convention center when you’re inbetween panels, but I’d rather go hungry than spend $8 on a burger there.

    Hope you had a great con!


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